[ASC-list] Sydney - Speaking, course and greenhouse

John August johna at babel.apana.org.au
Mon Feb 1 01:33:03 UTC 2010

Hi All,

I'm teaching a one day course at the WEA in Sydney, "Science All Around
Us" - see

and http://www.weasydney.com.au/doc/course_outline/01WK057.pdf

A lot of people on this list might know a lot of that material already,
of course. However, it would be great if you could point it out to
others who might be interested.

I'll be performing at Kings Cross poets on Saturday the 20th - see
kxboheme.com.  Some of my performance work does include elements from
science !

Also, I've stumbled over a quite interesting Climate Change site - by an
enlightened farmer, who says " Biofuels, soil humus and nuclear energy
can end global warming".

This is a quite interesting synthesis, include nuclear energy within its
prescription - but also generating soil to absorb CO2 - as compared to
watching it get blown away in those dust storms every decade or so.

See  :


You just love me 'cause I'm in the right demographic.

John August, Convener The Sydney Shove - www.sydneyshove.org
             President, NSW Humanists - www.hsnsw.asn.au

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