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Dear ASC NSW members - now with more details. 





Presented by the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science & Research

For ICONN: Australia's International Conference on Nanoscience and


What are the big issues about small technologies?


James O'Loghlin from the ABC's New Inventors hosts a speculative
discussion on how nanotechnology products are developed and reach the


Our panel of experts will discuss the development of a nanotechnology
product from research and development, through to risk and safety
assessment for regulatory approval, then to commercialisation and
finally reaching the consumer, examining the different issues that can
arise at each stage.


Matt Trau, from the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and
Nanotechnology at UQ, has an invention incorporating nanotechnology. 


Our panel will  explore how his invention might become a product and
reach patients:


*         Brian Priestly from the Australian Centre for Human Health
Risk Assessment will help us through the regulatory hurdles

*         Stuart Hazell, former CEO of PanBio, will guide us through the
'Valley of (commercial) Death'.

*         Tricia Greenway from the Consumer Health Forum will ground our
thinking and remind us what the public really wants. 

*         Dr Kristin Alford from Bridge8 and

*         Tom Faunce from the Australian National University will  prod
and nudge our panellist on communication, the law and other issues. 


Come and hear an informative discussion about how new technologies reach
you, and how the public might be more involved in influencing which
technologies we adopt.




Date: Tuesday 23 February, 6pm-8pm

Venue: Bayside Auditorium A, Level 1, Sydney Convention Centre Darling


Enquiries: 1800 631 276


This forum is part of the 2010 International Conference on Nanoscience
and Nanotechnology (ICONN 2010)


For more information about ICONN visit -

For media contact me.


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