[ASC-list] Fructose and obesity

Chris Forbes-Ewan forbes-ewan at tassie.net.au
Sat Jan 30 11:47:05 UTC 2010

Around the middle of last year an Ockham's Razor program by David Gillespie
was briefly discussed on this list. 


Gillespie, who is a lawyer, not a nutritionist or scientist of any other
kind, has also written a book, Sweet Poison. In his book and Ockham's Razor
program Gillespie claims that there is overwhelming scientific evidence that
fructose consumption is the cause of both the obesity epidemic and most
chronic diseases. The URL for his program is:




Three weeks ago I presented an Ockham's Razor program in which I argued that
Gillespie has grossly exaggerated the case against fructose. The URL for my
program is:




Gillespie responded to my program with an entry on his blog. His blog entry
repeats many of the errors contained in his book and Ockham's program and
adds a few new ones. From the early comments about his blog entry and my
program, he appears to have strong supporters.


I have also contributed comments, and will continue to do so for a few days
yet (there is still a lot to say about David Gillespie's lack of
understanding of nutritional science, his misrepresentation of the results
of scientific studies, and his selective use of evidence). 


If you are interested in this subject, the blog and comments are available




Chris Forbes-Ewan






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