[ASC-list] Beauty and the Geek looking for scentists

Wilson da Silva wfdasilva at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 06:55:24 UTC 2010

Any ASCers see Series 1 of "Beauty and the Geek"? I received the note below
saying they're looking for candidates - and they seem to be looking for
scientists. Well, it's one way to communicate science ...

Message follows.

- Wilson da Silva
  COSMOS magazine


Hi Guys
I am urgently looking for some fabulous Geeks for series 2 of Beauty and the
Geek! Please feel free to forward this emails to any groups or individuals
you think may be interested!
What we are looking for:

I am contacting you because we are currently casting for a new season of the
hit TV show ‘Beauty and the Geek Australia’, and I would be grateful if you
could please pass this email on to some of your members, colleagues or
friends (We will be meeting with suitable candidates over the next 2 weeks)
.  Please do not take offence to the title of the show as we don't mean it
in a derogatory way - if you have seen any of the show last year you will
know that we are looking for highly intelligent guys who are passionate and
proud of their intellect.
We are looking for smart, single males between the ages of 18-30, who are
experts in their own specialised field – this can range from mathematicians,
scientists, physicists, geologists, historians, musicians, chemists, poets
and literary lovers to guys who excel in puzzles, games or computers.

The premise of the show is to carry out a social experiment for which there
is a $100,000 cash prize for the winners. We will couple together beautiful,
socially savvy women with highly intelligent males, and through a series of
challenges, see what they learn from each other. The idea is to embrace and
celebrate the talent and individuality of each contestant.
We had a national casting tour and had a good turn out but based on last
year's experience, we know that the most intelligent and interesting guys
are not necessarily the one's that would come forward to a national casting
call. One of our most memorable guys last year was Xenogene, a PHD Physicist
and he was found through a university club. I appreciate that the show is
not everyone's cup of tea but there is no harm in putting the word out there
and seeing who expresses interest. Last year’s contestants described the
experience as life changing and a lot of fun.

Please feel free to forward this on to any groups or individuals you think
may be interested!

I can be contacted by either email bfera at sstar.com.au or call me on 02

Thanks in advance for your help!

Kind Regards,
Bianca Fera
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