[ASC-list] Beauty and the Geek looking for scientists

Ben McKenzie ben at labcoatman.com.au
Thu Jul 8 05:31:41 UTC 2010

On 6 July 2010 17:41, Regan Forrest <regan at reganforrest.com> wrote:
> “The premise of the show is to carry out a social experiment. . .. We will
> couple together beautiful, socially savvy women with highly intelligent
> males, and through a series of challenges, see what they learn from each
> other. The idea is to embrace and celebrate the talent and individuality of
> each contestant.”
> I confess I’ve never seen the show, but the promos suggest a completely
> different proposition, namely: we put socially awkward nerds and
> outrageously stupid bimbos together and humiliate them all for your viewing
> pleasure!

I was approached to appear on the show's first season, and turned them
down. They were talking about me - as a performer and comedian who
does science-based material - being a "cool" "point of difference" -
i.e. I would be a contrast to the stereotypically socially inept nerds
they intended to pick for the rest of the cast.

It was probably the least enticing offer I've ever received, and the
attitude of the producer I spoke with didn't do anything to change my

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