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Dear fellow ASCers,


One of the things to come out of the 'Inspiring Australia' report is the
formation of an 'expert working group on science and the media'
(Recommendation #10 - Strengthening the media's role in communicating
science). The focus is on the mass media, including new media (social
networking, blogging and citizen journalism will be considered briefly
but it will be impossible to do this area justice within the timeframe
we have and it is envisaged that a broader new media working group will
be established by DIISR at some point). A copy of the full 'Inspiring
Australia' report can be downloaded at


AusSMC has been asked to lead the working group and help it come up with
a series of recommendations to feed into the national Inspiring
Australia strategy. Many ASC members have expertise in the area of
science and the media and indeed some of you are either on the panel or
will be contacted individually to contribute to the process.


This email is to let the ASC community as a whole know of the group's
existence and to invite you to make short submissions to the panel if
you would like to. Because of the tight timeframe and limited resources,
submissions should preferably be limited to one page (and no more than 2
pages) and need to be received by the AusSMC by the end of August.
Please make them as relevant to the main tasks of the group as possible.


The group's main task will be to develop a national strategy to
strengthen the media's role in communicating science. This will involve:

a)    A review of the current Australian situation for science and the

b)    Analysis of opportunities to improve media (including new media)
coverage of the sciences;

c)    Identifying methods to support and encourage programs/activities
that increase the potential for media and new media engagement with the
sciences; and

d)    Identifying options for enhanced connections between the media and


I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I am especially keen to hear
about any papers you have written or read that provide some hard data
and/or analysis to the current situation or that enable comparisons
between Australia and overseas.




Dr Susannah Eliott

Chief Executive Officer


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