[ASC-list] Reminder: Canberra - Astronomy talk, suitable for kids - Thursday 29 July, 6pm

Helen Sim Helen.Sim at csiro.au
Wed Jul 28 04:28:48 UTC 2010

A lot of people have seen Saturn and its rings through a small backyard 
telescope. But 400 years ago, the first telescopes couldn't even show 
that Saturn /had/ rings.

Today we've got telescopes that can see right back to when the Universe 
was young and galaxies were in their teenage years.

Dr Kim-Vy Tran is a visiting astronomer from the USA, and studies those 
early galaxies. She'll be talking at Questacon on Thursday about what 
today's telescope show us, and what we hope to see with the big 
telescopes of the future.

This is a free talk and suitable for children aged 10 and up.

Where: Questacon, Canberra
When: 6 pm, Thursday 29 July
How long: 1 hour

URL: canberra.questacon.edu.au/events/#July2010 

Enquiries about the talk: Sonia Morabito, Questacon
Tel 02-6270-2949
SMorabito at questacon.edu.au

Interviews with Dr Tran:
Dr Tran on 040 460 1209
Helen Sim 02 9372 4251


Helen Sim

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