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Sean Perera sean.perera at anu.edu.au
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Hello SCERN Members (c/o ASC e-mailing list),
 During my call earlier for recommendations re: future SCERN actions, there were some requests for a list of PhD thesis in science communication. 

 Such a list was compiled recently by CPAS for the PCST Network. I have copied it below for the benefit of those who might be interested. If you would like to read any of these thesis abstracts, please get in touch with me.
 Kind regards,
 1. Aitkin, A. (2004). "Playing at reality"
 2. Burns, T. W. (2003). "Science shows: Evaluating and maximising their effectiveness for science communication"
 3. Derrick, G. E. (2009). "Institutionalising the Agora: Investigating the evolution of public accountability in Australian medical research institutes"
 4. Ellison, M. J. (2003). "The communication of chemistry: How effective is current practice"
 5. Frazer, C. (2003). "Bridging the gap between the science of childhood immunisation and parents"
 6. Hathayatham, A. (2005). "The public awareness of science in Thailand: A case study on biotechnology"
 7. Kingsley, D. (2008). "The effect of scholarly communication: Practices on engagement with open access"
 8. Lamberts, R. G. (2005). "The mental illness information survey: Exploring the mental illness communication environment in the lay community"
 9. Low, D. W. (2003). "Environmental communication: Dissent, conflict, enquiry"
 10. Meyer, A. J. (2005). "The fairy tales of science"
 11. Perera, P. S. F. (2009). "Exploring the implication of science communication practices on a model for teacher professional development: Serving up the Pierian Waters" 
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 The Australian National University
 Canberra, Australia
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