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Niall, Nancy et al

I recall Rob Morrison commenting on a similar issue several years ago.  When posting to this list an advertisement for a science communication position not long after, Rob's comments prompted me to invite people interested in "communicating cutting edge breakthrough research" to go and work for a mining equipment organisation.

I suppose the question I'd add is do we know what audiences (as opposed to communication professionals) think of such words (whether these ones or ones in other areas of communication e.g. "hero" sports people)? Are there any studies about audience reaction to there use or over-use?



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Hello Niall,

Yes, I agree. 'Cutting edge' is another one to avoid.

Cheers, Nancy

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> I'm interested in ASC members' views on the use of world-class and   
> breakthrough in media releases.
> We try to avoid them.
> I generally think that if the work is good it doesn't need the puff.  
>  The journalists can add it in if they want.
> Noel Turnbull made a similar comment in a piece on Crikey today.
> So, for instance, the Victorian government can be obsessive about   
> describing things -- from our events program to buildings -- as   
> world-class, but the reality is that world-class things don't need   
> to be promoted. It is symptomatic of Britain's decline that the   
> world-class cringe sometimes surfaces there too, but one never hears  
>  New York or Paris talking about world-class -- they just are.
> Niall
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