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Full agreeance with Julian with his world-class POV - but I would suggest broadening the perspective beyond the notion of having figurative editors publish figurative stories. As a figurative editor myself, the issue is really one of audience, not gatekeeper at the end of the day. Any editor doing their job properly will be considering this.


Does your audience expect, want, enjoy, appreciate or need these clichés? How are they embedded in your competition and how do you wish to react to that?


I'd argue that the prevalence of clichespeak in recent decades now makes it a question of whether or not you actually want/need to sound dissonant from the reams of brain-massaging office doubletalk.


I mean as an editor, going forward I need to be able to take my engagement priorities to the next level and ensure a positive game plan that fully meets the needs of all my stakeholders while allowing my communication drivers to be working at full engagement as inspirational thought leaders, not information silos.


And I am sure you are all behind me 110% :)


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