[ASC-list] do Australians trust scientists?

Derek Elmes Derek.Elmes at environment.nsw.gov.au
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I tried to post this the other day but it never showed up so I'll try again (with apologies if it ends up appearing twice)

Not quite what Nancy was asking about but the "Who Cares about the Environment in 2009?" survey of NSW people's environmental knowledge, attitudes and behaviours includes a question relating to perceived reliability of information sources (relating to the environment).

The results are on pages 56-60 of the full report that can be found at  http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/community/Whocares2009.htm.

A question about sources of environmental information is on Page 77. 



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> Does anyone know of any (recent) survey data that asks Australians whether
> they trust scientists, esp in comparison to other professional groups?

The closest thing I've seen is Reader's Digest's annual "Australia's
100 most trusted individuals" list. I don't know how rigorous they are
- probably not very - but do appear there, though prominent medical
professionals often do very well: in 2009 Dr Fiona Wood made the
number one spot, with Professor Ian Frazer in third. Dr Karl - a
fixture in the list for many years - came in at number 11.

The 2009 list can be found here:


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