[ASC-list] April 21: World-Wide Day in Science virtual event

William Rifkin willrifkin at unsw.edu.au
Fri Mar 26 04:52:09 UTC 2010

Colleagues in ASC,

April 21st -- this year's World-Wide Day in Science -- virtual event.  

You know the drill ...  Science-based professionals write a blurb on the high point of their day. They explain what got them into science in the first place.  Upload it to www.dayinscience.unsw.edu.au.  10 minutes and you are done; even a shy research scientist can do it.  

It is our 8th year, and WWDS now features 1000 profiles.  Submissions have come from the most highly regarded scientific institutions around the world.  Many were written by you and your scientific colleagues.  Most were drafted from interviews by university students. 

The 'Day in Science' strategy draws on theory about 'communities of practice' and the notion of 'legitimate peripheral participation' -- students stepping into the world of science, and science-based professionals stepping into the domain of 'science communication'.  

Our focus is on 'relational' aspects of communication as opposed to 'informational' aspects, on the human side rather than the scientific content.  We aim to enfranchise young people and adults into conversations about lives in science and the science in our lives.  

FAQs -- 

No, we are not changing the date.  April works for the school years in the northern and southern hemispheres.  

Yes, it is a nightmare to find all the particle physicists on the WWDS site.  Why should it be easy?  Year 9 & 10 students who are ambivalent about science careers will NOT be searching by discipline; hence, match ups via our 5-question, personality test.  

Yes, multi-media is welcome.  Upload photos.  Put a link to your videos or podcasts.  Employ our automatic hyperlink to results of a Google Images search.  


World-Wide Day in Science
wwds at unsw.edu.au

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