[ASC-list] COSMOS EXCLUSIVE: Did Australian Aborigines reach America first?

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Well spotted Chris.  It seems that the media did have the story somewhat 
earlier as a Google search

   Neves Sao Paulo Australian aborigines



"Ancient voyage of discovery
"New research suggests Australian aboriginals may have migrated to the 
"Americas 14,000 years ago. David Keys reports

"David Keys
"Monday, 8 April 1996

"Walter Neves keeps 40 skulls belonging to the world's most ancient 
Aborigines in his office. They are all stored neatly in his computer. 
But it is not the hi-tech, 3D storage of aboriginal human remains 
that is causing ripples. It is the fact that all the skulls come not 
from Australia but from South America.

I'd be doubtful about the date of the web page (cascading style sheets
weren't released until December of 1996 but my guess is that the page
publication has been retrospectively entered) 


On Fri, Oct 01, 2010 at 07:51:13PM +1000, Chris Forbes-Ewan wrote:
> The idea that Australian Aborigines may have been the first humans in the
> Americas may be "startling" but it isn't "new".
> The attachment to this message is an article from Scientific American that
> was published in 2005 on the same subject.
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> EXCLUSIVE: Did Australian Aborigines reach America first?
> Startling new archaeological finds are set to rewrite the record books,
> suggesting that the Americas were settled more than 11,000 years ago by the
> first Australians.
> A detailed investigation in the October issue of COSMOS, Australia's #1
> science magazine, details the astonishing discovery of scores of ancient
> human remains in Brazil, Chile and Florida - some more than 11,000 years old
> - with cranial features distinctive of Australian Aborigines.
> The oldest of the skeletal remains, dubbed Luzia, are of a young woman who
> died in her twenties and was ceremonially buried in a cave complex in
> Central Brazil. She was among a large collection of material first uncovered
> in 1975 by a Brazilian-French archaeological team, who disbanded in acrimony
> after the sudden death of its leader. 
> The remains were not examined until he late 1990s by a group led by Walter
> Neves of the University of Sao Paulo, who was surprised to discover that
> Luzia's skull looked sharply different from the Mongoloid cranial morphology
> distinctive of people of East and North Asian origin and of Native
> Americans.
> A reconstruction of her face by British forensic experts, based on her skull
> and its distinctive characteristics, shows Luzia had a cranial
> morphologyalmost identical to Australian Aborigines.
> COSMOS Deputy Editor Jacqui Hayes, who travelled to Brazil to research the
> nine-page cover story, recalls seeing the evidence with her own eyes. 
> "When I was in the lab, I was amazed to walk around the reconstruction of
> Luzia's skull, which clearly looked Aboriginal, and yet realise this was
> found a world away and was so very ancient," she said. "Clearly, ancient
> humans did a lot more than we give the credit for."
> For more information, to read a copy of the story or images, contact Kylie
> or Becky on 0416 196 942 or 02 9310 8508.
> A video of Luzia's skull reconstruciton can be found at 
> http://www.youtube.com/v/Xbkp2JP2_ck
> Please credit COSMOS magazine as the source of your story
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