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Mon Oct 18 04:44:58 UTC 2010

*A big thank you to Nancy for sending this out for me before! I thought I'd
re-send in case it was lost in weekend emails. There are only a few days
left to submit if you are interested.

Hope you had a good weekend!


*If you write a science related blog, then may I invite you to submit blog
entries for one of the more popular science blog carnivals on the web. I
will be hosting the 25 October edition of Scientia Pro Publica (Science for
the People) at my blog, Traversing the Razor. The post is

*It would be great to get more Australian blogs on to it.

*In fact, for those of you in the media, the story of the rise of science
blogging and blog carnivals is an interesting one. This is consolidating as
a way of delivering science content on the web, especially with the take up
of blogs by newspapers like the Guardian in England, and journals like
Nature hosting blogs too. I'm happy to help out here if you're interested in
the story.*

>From the blog<http://traversingtherazor.wordpress.com/2010/10/14/scientia-pro-publica-coming-to-traversing-the-razor-oct-25/>

Soon I will have the honour to present to you, dear readers, the 43rd
*Scientia Pro Publica <http://scientiablogcarnival.blogspot.com/>*! This was
a recent revelation for me, and I was fortunate enough to be included
in edition
Cosmodynamics <http://cosmodynamics.blogspot.com/>. Thanks Vanessa!
*Scientia Pro Publica* is a bi-weekly carnival of the best science writing
(well communication generally) from across the blogosphere. It has grown in
stature to the point where the convener is now seriously contemplating
making this a weekly thing. In other words, *Scientia Pro Publica* is
becoming something akin to the Nature of science blogging. Ok, that might be
a bit of a stretch, however, it is like a magazine – it relies on public
blog submissions and the host to compile and editorialize a selection of
submitted blog posts. Currently, it receives more than 50 submissions each
time, and this grows with each new host as the network expands.

So, watch this space.

*More importantly, if you are interested in science and writing, and would
like to submit, just use the online form.

I would be interested in hearing from bloggers in earth science disciplines,
as geology is my “home discipline”. That said, I have very broad scientific
interests, so anything is welcome. You will notice that Traversing the Razor
has very little geology in it!

The more the merrier! You may even want to host it yourself sometime!

Can’t wait to see your submissions!!



Masters of Science Communication candidate,

University of Western Australia

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