[ASC-list] ASCSA event: Video editing workshop (1/11/10)

Lisa Bailey LBailey at riaus.org.au
Wed Oct 20 00:50:41 UTC 2010

ASCSA Video Production Workshop
With Josh Cockfield, Rob Morrison, Deane Hutton and
Steve Kern


Date: Monday 1st November 2010

Time: 6pm-9pm

Venue: RiAus main auditorium

Video is a powerful communication tool and is no longer the sole domain of TV stations
and established production companies.

Cameras are getting cheaper, editing can be done on a basic laptop and the Internet
provides an inexpensive way to broadcast the finished product. This provides a fantastic
opportunity for teachers, students, scientists and anyone else with an interest in science
to create engaging and informative science content. One of the best things about
science is that is can be a hands-on activity so it makes sense to use a visual medium
to communicate scientific concepts.

But as anyone who has spent time on Youtube knows, there is an awful lot of rubbish
out there when it comes to amateur videography. So how do you turn your ideas into
something that won't make people cringe?

Well, you could start by coming along to the ASCSA Video Production workshop!
The workshop will be broken up into three segments: script writing, filming and editing.
We will set you up in small groups and Josh Cockfield, assisted by Rob Morrison,
Deane Hutton and Steve Kern, will guide you through each of these phases to produce
a fun bit of science video.

Josh produces children's science television and documentaries for Network 10.
Rob and Deane have more than 65 years of experience between them as
TV broadcasters and videographers. That paring of names should be familiar: Deane
and Rob were the team fronting the acclaimed educational children's TV show "the
Curiosity Show" produced on Channel 9 from 1972 to 1990.
Steve has worked for Warner Brothers, been a producer for Channel 9 and is currently
a Senior Programs co-ordinator at the RiAus. He has a wealth of experience writing,
directing and producing a range of film, television and documentary projects across
digital media platforms.

Bookings: at http://ascsa-video-workshop.eventbrite.com
Cost: Free to ASCSA members, non-members $40, Students $25. Payment at the door
please. Workshop limited to 15 people.

Please email Richard.musgrove at sa.gov.au if you need further information. You will be
sent the workshop agenda soon after registration. We would like to start at 6pm so
please be there at 5:45pm.

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