[ASC-list] Perth: UWA Sci Comm Research and End of Year Wrap

longneck at cyllene.uwa.edu.au longneck at cyllene.uwa.edu.au
Thu Oct 28 15:33:38 UTC 2010

Wonder what science communication researchers do? Come to this  
informal round table and find out. And enjoy some good company as we  
celebrate another successful semester.

End of Year Wrap

UWA Science Communication is made up of people from different science
backgrounds. From physical sciences, environmental sciences,  
neurosciences just to name a few. It makes for a rich and talented  
group with immense depth.

Come hear about the following:

Caris Allen is seeking answers to questions like: 'Do farmers read blogs? Are
podcasts popular with farmers? Do farmers text?' as part of her literature
review as part of Science Communication Specialist Research Topics

PhD Candidate Miriam Sullivan is working on framing messages about  
animal welfare.

PhD candidate Muza Gondwe is preparing her research proposal on the  
use of digital story telling in connecting cultural knowledge and  
western science.

PhD candidate Sophia Bickford is sending out a survey to high school  
science teachers asking them about their experiences and expectations  
of excursions and incursions.

Honours student Jessie Roxby is preparing her online survey for  
citizen scientists.

Research Assistant Professor Colin Hanbury is interviewing scientists  
about factors that affected their career decisions.

Other activities: There are students in UWA Science Communication  
planning trips during the summer break to practice what they have  
learned in the real world. There are even whispers of a science film  
being made!

At this session, we'll decide on a science book to read over the  
summer for our first semester book club. Got a suggestion?

Where: Centre for Learning Technology


When: 29th, October 2010, 4:00PM - 5:00PM

Drinks and nibbles provided

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