[ASC-list] Invitation to join ASC National conference planning committee

Jesse Shore jesse at prismaticsciences.com
Mon Sep 6 05:35:01 UTC 2010

ASC National conference planning committee - seeking expressions of interest
to join (and sponsor) (Note: I posted a similar article on ASC website)


Invitation to ASC members (and potential sponsors),


In 2010 the ASC National Conference in February set us off in a good
direction for this year. It had excellent sessions about many aspects of the
science communication profession, featured the rich field of research into
science communication, was well attended, had a fun vibe and was the
launching platform of 'Inspiring Australia, A national strategy for
engagement with the sciences'.


For 2011 we are planning a series of day long professional development
workshops in several capital cities rather than a multi-day conference in
one location. This allows key people to recoup and regroup from delivering
the 2010 conference and to try something different.


2012: To give adequate time to plan our next major gathering for a date in
2012 I'm inviting ASC members to submit an expression of interest to join
the committee to plan and deliver our next national conference. 


I'm also inviting expressions of interest from potential sponsors of the
conference and associated events. It's never too early to seek possible


The planning committee will consult with ASC Executive to:

.        determine the date and venue for the conference (we'll avoid
conflict with the PCST2012 conference, 18-20 April in Florence)

.        consider seeking a university as a venue (timing would be in
semester break or common week of university holidays)

.        consider bodies or societies with similar interests which might be
interested in presenting or attending

.        develop sessions and themes suitable for the various interests of
science communicators such as editing, script writing, illustrating,

.        develop thematic content which makes connections with the Inspiring
Australia Report and its associated recommendations

.        suggest and arrange speakers for sessions and further details of
the conference.


Tim Thwaites, the convenor for the 2010 National Conference, offers to act
as a consultant to the committee. Tim is preparing a report with tips on the
process and decision making involved in developing the conference. 


The membership of the committee will be announced before the next AGM in
December 2010. 


The conference committee has the challenging role to chart the next part of
the course for ASC. If you have event management skills, foresight, energy
and have a sense of fun helping to plan the next national conference may be
the next right step for you.


Please send me your expressions of interest by 15 October 2010.


Jesse Shore

National president





Jesse Shore

President, Australian Science Communicators, 2010

 <http://www.asc.asn.au/> http://www.asc.asn.au/ 


Jesse Shore PhD
Science Communicator
P:   (02) 9810 2328
M:   0415 841 276
E:     <mailto:jesse at prismaticsciences.com> jesse at prismaticsciences.com
W:   <http://www.prismaticsciences.com/> www.prismaticsciences.com


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