[ASC-list] ASCSA Event 20 Sept. There's more to the zoo than Pandas...

Lisa Bailey LBailey at riaus.org.au
Fri Sep 10 00:41:03 UTC 2010

Australian Science Communicators SA (ASCSA) Event

There's more to the Zoo than Pandas: the Zoo's role
in Conservation

Date: Monday, 20th September, 2010
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Venue: Adelaide Zoo - meet at the Frome Rd gate at 5:40pm
Cost: ASCSA members: free
Non members: $10
Non member students: $5
Bookings: http://ascsadelaidezoo.eventbrite.com/

The Royal Zoological Society of South Australia (RZSSA) considers the delivery of its
science and conservation objectives to be an organisational priority. The RZSSA is
involved in a variety of conservation activities, including direct co-ordination and
management of threatened species programs to field support and captive breeding
for release to the wild, as well as conservation education programs.

To encompass its increasing range of conservation activities, the RZSSA has
developed Conservation Ark, its integrated science and conservation arm.
The activities of Conservation Ark are aimed at securing populations of animals, in
natural ecosystems and habitats. In order to do this we need a strong scientific basis
for understanding species interactions and to find the best way to rehabilitate
landscapes into resilient functioning ecosystems. To this end, Conservation Ark is
designed to integrate science, education, sustainable practices and conservation
programs in order to achieve on-ground conservation.

Conservation Ark brings together the extensive expertise of RZSSA scientists in
ecology, zoology, psychology and veterinary science, with many partners in
universities, government departments, private, industry and conservation agencies.
A night visit to the Zoo is always a fascinating experience; more so when you get to
hear all about the Zoo's work with Conservation Ark! We'll hear Dr Wendy Foster
(the Zoo's Conservation Programs Manager) talk on Conservation Ark's research and
field activities, then Michael Shanahan (Interpretation Manager) will speak on
connecting people with conservation. The evening will finish with a tour of the Zoo's

If you are not familiar with the zoo, click on the following link.
Parking may be available on Plane Tree Drive in Botanic Park at that time of day.

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