[ASC-list] ASC web editors & SCOPE deadlines

Laura Miles editor at asc.asn.au
Tue Apr 5 02:57:07 UTC 2011

Dear ASCers,

Announcing some great news about the call for Web Editors to promote news
and views from States and Territories: we have two volunteer Web Editors for
QLD and VIC: Susan Kirk and George Aranda.

Please support Susan and George as they test-drive this approach to getting
excellent web content from QLD and VIC promoted to the national membership.

If you haven't yet signed up for your log-in to the ASC site, go to
http://www.asc.asn.au/join/ and complete the simple online form.  Note that
the log-in must be activated by typing in the special 'invitation code'
which changes each month. The current code is: apricot11.

SCOPE takes the pick of the members news online and circulates summaries to
the membership via e-mail.  Why not post some news, views, web links online
yourself?  You must be a current financial member to log-in and post
comments online.

The next three deadlines for SCOPE content are as follows and you can post
news direct to the website or drop me a line:

Thu 14 April for the Thu 21 April issue
Thu 12 May for the Thu 19 May issue
Thu 16 May for the Thu 23 May issue

Thanks and best wishes, Laura

Laura Miles
Editor, Australian Science Communicators / Executive Director, Museums
Australia (Victoria)
E-mail: editor at asc.asn.au / exec at mavic.asn.au
Tel: 03 8341 7344
Mob: 04 3269 2583
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