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A Union of Concerned Scientists?  I would donate.  I do already.  I've said
this before if scientists want to be heard they have to exclude government

I have three words to say to bullied scientists, blow your whistle!


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> A terrific op-ed from Julian Cribb in the Canberra Times today which made me
> think about the IA conference last week. The impact of science on policy is
> perhaps the biggest issue in science communication in Australia and globally
> right now. Yet it's one that is probably hard for IA to catalyse given it's a
> government program.
> http://www.canberratimes.com.au/news/opinion/editorial/general/give-scientists
> -the-freedom-to-tell-the-truth-and-then-listen/2126645.aspx?storypage=0
> Science has been marginalised by governments for too long and needs a strong
> national voice.
> The evidence is mounting that Australian science is once more lost in the dark
> ages of political neglect and disfavour.
> To the average Australian that might not seem to matter very much, but the
> more thoughtful may no doubt reflect on the likely cost to the nation of not
> understanding our own environment, falling behind other advanced countries and
> not making national decisions on a sound evidential base...
> One of the contributing reasons to the long, slow slide into marginality of
> Australian science is its perpetual inability to speak out clearly, frankly,
> forcefully and often about the importance of science to the future of
> Australia and the dangers of ignoring it...
> ...But when you look at who speaks for Australian science, you find, almost
> always, they are on the government payroll in one way or another. The
> academies, the universities, the funding bodies, the science agencies, the
> Cooperative Research Centres are all beholden to government funding and
> fearful of its loss should they earn political displeasure by saying the
> things science often has to say, which are not always pleasing to the
> political ear. Only the Federation of Scientific and Technological Societies
> has a relatively independent voice, and it is neither very loud nor
> forceful...
> Julian then talks about a potential solution.
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