[ASC-list] Seismograms of *TWO* Japanese Quakes

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And if you want to HEAR what the mother of all quakes sounded like in the
deep ocean, go here:


Go to the sound library and hit the earthquake button.

Warning: very spooky.

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Hi All,

   Two for the (free) price of one! :)

   For those who aren't regular earthquake watchers, the following website
   gives a quick overview of the seismic activity from a network of
   around the world.  Its fairly basic information, but gives a 24 hour

   Just at the moment (and for the next couple of hours) it is showing, on
   the same seismogram, both large quakes in Japan.



     o.  Clicking on each trace will give you a larger version.

     o.  The scans update every 30 mins

     o.  the date-time group is MDT (Mountain Time) in the US ... 
         which corresponds to Colorado ... the location of a World 
         Data Center (WDC) for this data.


(USGS - US Geological Survey is an authoritative source, although the 
individual traces are likely the responsibility of the contributors.)

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