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Dear List Subscribers,

This event may be of interest to a number of our members involved in the
museum sector.


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 Dear Australian Science Communicators,

Would it be possible to suggest an item for inclusion on your events
webpage? It is a symposium being held in Sydney on the 5-6  May, 2011 which
is presenting findings from a research project entitled: ‘Hot Science,
Global Citizens’: the agency of the museum sector in climate change

The project looks to the museum sector – natural history, science museums
and science centres – to play a role as resource, catalyst and change agent
in climate change debates and decision-making. And as such, as unique public
spaces where science, government, industry, communities and NGOs can meet;
where knowledge can be mediated, competing discourses and agendas tabled and
debated; and, where innovative decision-making platforms can be created.

We hope that this event can be included on the ASC website, as we believe
this symposium would be of great interest to your network. Please find
attached a flyer/program.

Kind regards,

Teresa Swirski

*Research Assistant, ‘Hot Science, Global Citizens’ project*

Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney

*Email: **T.Swist-Swirski at uws.edu.au* <T.Swist-Swirski at uws.edu.au>; *Phone:
(02) 9685 9668*

* *

*[image: HSGC_PP_200pcnt.jpg]*

*HOT SCIENCE, GLOBAL CITIZENS: the agency of the museum and science centre
sector in climate change interventions Symposium, **
Sydney, Australia, 5-6 May 2011*

Registrations now open and draft program available. Please visit

Climate change is an environmental, cultural and political phenomenon that
is reshaping the way we think about ourselves, our societies and humanity’s
place on Earth. This symposium presents the research findings of the
Australian Research Council international Linkage project, Hot Science,
Global Citizens: the agency of the museum sector in climate change
interventions along with other leading research to develop new knowledge
about what constitutes effective action around climate change, the critical
roles that institutions can play and visions for the future of museums and
science centres. The second day will feature an ‘unconference’ session to
tease out innovative programming ideas and engage participants in

*Speakers include:
*Professor Mike Hulme *School of Environmental Sciences, University of East
Anglia, UK**
*Elaine Heumann Gurian *International Museum Consultant**
*Dr Emlyn Koster *CEO Liberty Science Center, USA**
*Professor David Karoly *Climate scientist and public commentator***

*Dr Saffron O’Neill** **Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Melbourne
*Giles Lane *Director, Proboscis, London, UK*

Dr Dawn Casey *Director, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney*

Frank Howarth *Director, Australian Museum, Sydney*

Professor Graham Durant *Director, Questacon, Canberra**
*Tara Morelos *d/Lux/MediaArts**
*Wayne LaBar *Vice President, Exhibitions and Programs, Liberty Science
Center, USA**
*Seb Chan *Head of Digital, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney**
*Declan Kuch *Australian Youth Climate Change Coalition*


*Project researchers Academic team:* Dr Fiona Cameron (Lead Chief
Investigator); Professor Robert Hodge; Associate Professor Brett Neilson and
Dr Juan Salazar from the Centre for Cultural Research, with Professor Jann
Conroy from the Centre for Plant and Food Science and Professor David Karoly
from the University of Melbourne, Dr Ben Dibley, Dr Anne Newstead, Dr Ann
Deslandes, Dr Carol Farbotko

*Partner organisations and researchers:* Museum Victoria, Melbourne;
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney; Australian Museum, Sydney; Questacon, Canberra;
Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, US with the University of Melbourne,
Earth Sciences and the School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester,

Kali Madden
ASC Office
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