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 Australian Science Communicators Easter Events

South East Queensland

Happy Easter Break

Just wanted to let you know of some upcoming science communication
events that you and your family might be interested in attending over
the Easter break.

Have a great break and look forward to seeing you at our get-together in


Robbie Mitchell (Robbie at econnect.com.au)

Twitter, Blogs & Talkback: Why do we want to tell strangers what we

Cafe Scientific


When: 6:30pm, 26 April 2011

           Tapas, meals, bar open from 5pm

Where: Waterloo Hotel, Newstead

Cost: Free

To learn more: check out the website

Come along to this free event to hear what journos and scientists have
to say, ask them yo8ur own questions and tell them what you think.


Natasha Mitchell (ABC's All in the Mind, Radio National)

Rod Lamberts (Australian National University)

Bernie Hobbs (ABC New Inventors, ABC Science)



I Dig Dinos

Queensland Museum



When: 15-26 April 

Where: Queensland Museum

Cost: Tickets: $10 for children 3-12 years to Activity Zones and
Jurassic Joe theatre performances.

Adults and children under 3 years are free.

Tickets available from Level 2. No pre-sale or bookings. Last ticket
sales at 3pm. 

To learn more: check out the website

I Dig Dinos returns from 15 - 26 April with three floors of activities,
live performances, talks, films, tours, trails, fossil displays, a
chance to meet the Museum's dinosaur hunters and the return of T rex on
the Prowl. 

Closed Good Friday 22 April. Open Anzac Day from 1.30 pm.
No Jurassic Joe performances Monday 25 or Tuesday 26 April. 




Queensland Museum



When: Until Feb 2012 

Where: Queensland Museum

Cost: Free with admission to museum

To learn more: check out the website

How do we make electricity?

How does an electric guitar work?

Do animals use electricity?

With 40 interactive exhibits and information modules, the Megawatt
exhibition explores the role of electricity in our everyday lives and
highlights the importance of safety when dealing with electricity.
Explore how electricity is everywhere and how it entertains us and takes
us places. Renewable and sustainable energy alternatives are featured as
well as the generation and transmission of electricity.


Double Helix Events 

CSIRO, Brisbane



When: 18 Apr 2011 - 14 May 2011

Where: Various Locations, Brisbane

Cost: Each event may vary

To learn more: check out the website

Have you ever wondered how a guitar actually makes sound? Or why when
you tighten a guitar string the
sound changes? In the Musical Science program we will be looking at the
science behind sound. After we learn all about it we will be making our
own musical instruments that you can take home. It's bound to be fun and
loud! Maybe we can start a Double Helix Band?

CSIRO Education in Brisbane offers a great range of holiday and
after-school science events for kids of all ages. Bookings are essential
for all programs.


Media 140

Brisbane Powerhouse




When: 27 April 2011. 

Where: The Brisbane Powerhouse.

Cost: Tickets cost $330. The ASC is proud to offer members a special 10%
discount off advertised registration rates. This has been emailed to
you. If not check the ASC website
<http://www.asc.asn.au/2011/03/social_technologies/> .

To learn more: check out the media 140 website

In partnership with the ASC, this one-day event will explore the impact
of social technologies on effective science and risk communication. The
session will be looking at the challenges of engaging the public on
issues such as climate change, health, nanotechnology, cloning and other
sensitive public interest themes.

The conference will feature keynote speakers, workshops and case studies
involving science communication industry professionals from Australia,
the US and Europe. 

Several of the speakers are ASC members.


Being yourself: Women in a Technical World

A Connexions event from the Brisbane Branch of Graduate Women QLD



When: 5:30-7pm, 4 May 2011. 

Where: Southbank Institute of Technology, Glenelg St, Southbank. Block
A, 3rd Floor, Room 2002

Cost: $12

RSVP: 29 April 2011 to Beth Cavallari
<mailto:beth.cavallari at uqconnect.net>  or phone 0412 411 708

To learn more: check out the website <http://www.gwq.org.au/events.html>

Is your career in science or engineering? Would you like to network with
other women in the field? Are you thinking about how you can further
your career? Do you wonder how you can make an impact in an area often
dominated by men?

The speakers at this event will share their experience and knowledge
about how they have progressed their careers. Come along with all your
questions for in interactive discussion and opportunity to network with
women from the many related disciplines! Soft drinks and snacks


Ms Nicholle Sparkes

Project Director for Laing O'Rourke's 'Building The Education
Revolution' program.

Dr Lynette Stockhausen

Director of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Southbank Institute of

Ms Yassmin Abdel--Magied

Young Queenslander of the Year (2010) and third year Mechanical
Engineering  student at the University of Queensland.




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