[ASC-list] Seeking personal stories about death

Bianca Nogrady bianca at biancanogrady.com
Thu Apr 28 06:01:11 UTC 2011

Hi all

I'm doing research for a book about the human experience of death, and I'm
looking for people willing to share their personal stories about death,
whether they have been with a loved one when they died, or are facing death

I'm casting the net as widely as possible (national and international) and I
was wondering if anyone on this list would either care to chat, can pass my
request on to someone they know or can transmit it through any other
networks they might have?

If you are able to pass this on, here's a summary of my request:

"I am looking for people to talk about their experiences, stories, beliefs
and emotions around death for a book exploring the human experience of
death. I am keen to talk to people who have been with loved ones when they
passed away, and to people who are facing death themselves, to try to shed
some light on this journey that we will all eventually take. I am happy to
change names and key details if people don't want to be identifiable. Anyone
interested in sharing their story can contact me at bianca at biancanogrady.com or
on 0411 420 913."

It's a very sensitive topic so I appreciate the need for extreme sensitivity
- rest assured I intend to approach all interviews with the utmost care and
respect for the feelings and wishes of those I am interviewing.



*Freelance science journalist and broadcaster*

*Co-author of **The Sixth Wave**: How to Succeed in a Resource-Limited World

ph: +612 4787 9158  m: 0411 420 913
Blackheath, Australia.
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