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ASCSA events in September......

Science communicators working with educators and students

The Science Exchange, Monday 12 September 6.00pm - 8.00pm
FREE bookings at http://ascsaeducators.eventbrite.com/

Teachers from the Australian Science and Mathematics School will discuss how interactions with science communicators has enabled development of  innovative curriculum and exciting experiences for students. Science Communicators and teachers will then work together to discuss the opportunities offered by the new Australian curriculum.

ASCSA Workshop: Trust Me; I'm a Science Communicator! - Media Training

The Science Exchange, Wednesday 21 September 6.00pm-9.00pm

Cost: Free to ASCSA members, non-members $40, Students $25. Payment at the door please. Workshop limited to 40 people.
Bookings essential: http://ascsamediatraining.eventbrite.com/

ASCSA is pleased to repeat our popular media training workshop with science communicator and broadcaster, Rob Morrison.

What may be very important may still not be considered newsworthy by the media. The media have their own priorities, and it can be difficult to obtain media coverage for stories about scientific issues that are important but which are complex, threatening, lack visual possibilities or are not in tune with journalistic misconceptions.

Most newsrooms still work with faxed media releases. The editor or chief of staff selects stories for each news bulletin from hundreds of these releases each day. Most releases must be rejected, and many science stories often find it hard to compete against more 'newsworthy' releases. As a result, science reports have tended to become increasingly sensational or extravagant in their claims.

Getting coverage of serious science stories often requires a different approach.  This session will cover some of the important aspects of preparing a science research story for the media, using examples from print and television media. Increasingly valuable in this is the relatively recent development of internet websites, many of them international, which now publish media releases in every aspect of science, environment, technology and health. A case study of an Australian story delivered via website will also be shown, along with examples of science stories that have been 'hyped' beyond their real relevance.

Participants will undertake various activities (as far as time allows) to learn practical aspects of preparing media releases, coping with radio and TV interviews, placing a story in the media and helping journalists to understand the interest in their story.

The session is particularly suited to postgraduate students, scientific researchers, media officers in scientific institutions and publicity officers for science organizations.

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