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Jenni Metcalfe jenni at econnect.com.au
Wed Feb 23 22:32:02 UTC 2011

New book on science communication from a colleague in Europe.




	Press release

	Scientists need more 'mediascience'


	Science communication: mission impossible? In his latest book[1][1], Michel Claessens raises with some sense of humour two rather hot and important issues: Why is science incompatible with the new and fast-changing media world? Why is it that some scientific news does not reach the public anymore? 


	An expert in science communication, Michel Claessens raises the alarm: 'Between science and society, there is now a huge gap. Although GMOs, mobile phones and electromagnetic waves are a major public's concern, there is no evidence of any significant risk for the human health, according to the available scientific data. However, this information does not spread outside the labs. Most of the people remain ignorant.'


	Whose responsibility is it? Media are often criticized for being too superficial and scientists for not engaging more actively with the public. Does science pay the price of being too close to political and industrial powers? The book provides some answers to these questions and look at the information channels as well as the impact of the new communication tools such as blogs, tweets, etc on science and technology.


	Most people today do not have access to real science; they see science through a prism which Michel Claessens calls 'mediascience' i.e. science cooked by the media and handed to us on a plate: « Mediascience is actually a valuable way to access the real world.  It brings to science and scientists something they are lacking today: public and political visibility, together with a synthetic and contextualised presentation. While strongly criticized by scientists, science needs mediascience, and today more than never.'


	Presentation of the book:

	http://www.editions-hermann.fr/ficheproduit.php?lang=fr&menu=5&ref=Culture+sciences+Allo+la+science+&prodid=969 <http://www.editions-hermann.fr/ficheproduit.php?lang=fr&menu=5&ref=Culture+sciences+Allo+la+science+&prodid=969> 


	Contact: Michel Claessens, tel +32 498 95.99.71


	Michel Claessens works in the European Commission, teaches at Free University of Brussels and is a member of the scientific committee of the international PCST network (Publication Communication of Science and Technology). He has just been appointed Head of Communication at ITER Organisation (Cadarache, France)




[1][1] Allo la science ? Analyse critique de la médiascience, Editions Hermann, Paris, 2011.

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