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If communications and engagement are your areas of expertise then don't
miss EcoForum on Wednesday 9 March. There will be a significant focus on
these important areas at this multidisciplinary event where you will be
encouraged to network with 600 environment industry people from across
Australia, visit an exhibition of leading environmental product and
service providers and attend the EcoForum dinner. 


Why go?

Unlike other large environmental management conferences, EcoForum is a
small enough forum for you to have a real say and be part of the
discussion with like-minded people on the things that matter to you. You
can see the names of the people who will be attending and the companies
they represent here
<http://www.ecoforum.net.au/2011/pdfs/e11%20DELEGATES.PDF> . The
sessions are deliberately a lot more participatory than those you will
find at other conferences and the people who go tend to keep in touch
more afterwards using social media and other communications tools. The
EcoForum organisers, and particularly the EcoForum Managing Director,
Paul Howlett, are also open to creative ideas like the art exhibitions
used to support environmental messages in previous years and the 48
Green Hours film competition associated with this year's event.


What's on?

The communications and engagement stream
<http://www.ecoforum.net.au/2011/pdfs/e11%20COMMUNICATIONS.pdf>  at
EcoForum will be a cross-cutting stream that will deal in succession
with the issues and challenges to do with waste, water and land and
groundwater remediation, while at the same time discussing the roles and
tools of communications and engagement more broadly in environment
management. Paul Howlett has prepared this overview especially for
communications and engagement practitioners and says he is once again
"looking forward to vigorous dialogue and forum discussions."


Who is facilitating?

Paula Drayton
<http://www.sustainabilitycoach.com/CoachesProfile.aspx?id=1>  from
Resource Advisory will play a facilitative role across all three
sessions and Kathy Jones <http://www.kjassoc.com.au/our-team.html>  from
KJA will work with Paula in the final session to bring together some of
the common threads from the deliberations of the day.


Keynote plenary and panel session

The day will begin with a plenary keynote paper by Professor Jennifer
>  from the University of South Australia on models and evaluation tools
for best practice regulation. This will be followed by a plenary session
involving panelists from all the conference streams about current
regulatory issues. Kathy Jones will represent the communications and
engagement stream on that panel and we would welcome input from
delegates on the critical importance of a practical and effective
communications approach when developing and implementing policy and


Waste industry communications

Following morning tea the first communications and engagement session
will be in the waste stream which on Wednesday will be addressing the
issue of fuel standards for the production of energy-from-waste. This
topic has particularly challenging communications issues, with the need
for both regulators and community stakeholders to understand the place
of energy-from-waste in the overall management of waste and resource
recovery. The communications papers in this stream will cover everything
from community tip tours to using blog forums instead of focus groups.
There will also be presentations on the rationale for policy setting and
communications in waste management and the challenges of engaging
stakeholders in the choice of energy-from-waste. The discussion will
then move forward into the topic for the rest of the day in the waste
stream of how to successfully bring energy-from-waste onto the agenda.
Communications and engagement professionals will be able to choose
whether to stay for the rest of the waste stream sessions or attend the
communications sessions in the other streams.


Water industry communications

After lunch, the communications stream will combine with the water
stream, where the focus for the day will be on the sustainability of
urban water supply. There will be a range of case study presentations on
everything from using government incentives to promote proactive
community engagement to the pitfalls and challenges of community
engagement in the highly sensitive area of water management and
wastewater reuse, followed by a broader scoped presentation looking at a
wider set of communications issues in the water sector. To complement
these case studies we will have a presentation on the community
engagement work undertaken recently on a drinking water initiative
downstream of inland wastewater treatment plants. During the session we
intend to set up a debate between the water industry and communications
and engagement practitioners on such things as flood mitigation in dams
compared with water storage against droughts, before the water stream
people go back to their stream on supply sustainability and the
communications people choose to either stay in that stream or jump over
to the next communications session, on communications and engagement in
the land and groundwater remediation environment.


Land and groundwater remediation communications

This communications and engagement session after the afternoon tea break
will bring the stream into the domain of land remediation. There will be
papers on the challenges of spreading the good word about a remediation
technique that saves money, is good for the environment but on face
value might be taken too lightly and disregarded as a serious solution,
the problems of greenwash in clouding messages and perceptions and the
educational legacies of cleaning up industrially polluted sites for
major international sporting events in Denmark, Australia and Korea.


Closing session - lessons learnt

Finally there will be a closing discussion session facilitated by Paula
Drayton and Kathy Jones that will draw together the common
communications and engagement threads in the three technical disciplines


EcoForum exhibition 

The EcoForum exhibition will run during the conference sessions and the
longer than usual morning and afternoon breaks and lunches so you will
certainly get a chance during the day to go around the exhibition. The
EcoForum exhibitors offer products and services in the areas of climate
change, biosystems, water and wastewater, waste management, recycling
and resource recovery, land and groundwater remediation, cleantech
industry development, education and training, media policy, consulting,
contracting, environmental auditing, research, environmental analysis,
sustainability assurance, regulation, finance, insurance, chemical
manufacturing, energy, oil and gas, and IT infrastructure. On the
exhibition page on the website you can see the profiles of the EcoForum


Thank you

We thank you for taking the time to read and digest this information. If
you would like to understand more about the other papers being presented
in the stream or at EcoForum generally you can read the individual
abstracts on our website and see the program.



Registration is $595 (incl. GST) for one day. You can register online at
www.ecoforum.net.au/2011 or use the printed brochure which has been
mailed to you. As soon as you have completed the registration process
you will be able to take advantage of our new one-on-one meetings
software. This will enable you to search our database and make contact
with the other EcoForum delegates, sponsors and exhibitors to
pre-arrange meeting times with them.


For more detailed information




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