[ASC-list] Speaker control device

Toss Gascoigne director at tossgascoigne.com.au
Sun Jan 30 09:41:39 UTC 2011

Dear ASC-ers

What I'm after is a small instrument to manage speakers at a conference.

It involves 10 remote control devices and a master panel on the  
speaker's podium.  The master panel has a row of 10 small LEDs.

The idea is that 10 people in the audience are given a remote control  
unit; and when they decide they would like the speaker to stop, they  
press a button.

This causes one of the 10 lights on the control board to come on, and  
when (say) 6 lights are on, the speaker must sit down immediately.

So - who could be commissioned to make one of these?  What would be  
the best way of doing it?  Perhpas there's a better way of achieving  
the same end?

I look forward to a vigourous discussion!

Toss Gascoigne

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