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Excellent, though eye-wincing suggestion Bianca. 

I have been on leave for most of January, so apologise for my absence....and apologise for anything I've missed! (I'm working back through my emails, so sorry if I make a fool of myself here!). 

With regards to the question, is this a conference where speakers have unlimited time? If so, disregard my comments below, as I'm used to conferences with strict timing - a tough rule, but one which allows fair presentations and the most precise regulation of the logistics of conference presentations. 

Can I suggest that in addition to suggestions as to what may work, it's important to consider what won't work (based on our collective experiences). 

For example, we must always keep in mind the stress involved in public speaking REGARDLESS of the 'status' of the speaker. For example, at a world congress I attended, I witnessed a 'full grown' professor reduced to jelly by the 'yellow light'...which indicated he had a minute to go (explanation below). Till this point, he was doing fine, but when that yellow light came on, he crumbled, threw his hands in the air and just exclaimed something like "Sorry, that's it! I can't go on...." and promptly sat down.

Now, this system, seemingly harmless, just involved 3 lights (in say, a 15 min presentation); green, yellow, red.  Green = go....and the speaker is off, yellow, can either mean 1 or 2 mins to go, and then Red = YOU'RE OFF!
I must admit, I've presented to this system a couple of times and all was fine....if you stay in time.

Again, I'm not sure of the timing factor, wouldn't a series of lights simply indicate a 'boredom' factor and thus be rather unsettling and inequitable?



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I was going to suggest incorporating a device that administers a small,
harmless electric shock to a delicate body part when a speaker has outstayed
their welcome, as an added incentive to keep their presentations succinct,
or make them enjoyable and compelling enough to justify an extended stay at
the podium.

> On 30/01/2011, at 8:41 PM, Toss Gascoigne wrote:
> > Dear ASC-ers
> >
> > What I'm after is a small instrument to manage speakers at a conference.
> >
> > It involves 10 remote control devices and a master panel on the speaker's
> podium.  The master panel has a row of 10 small LEDs.
> >
> > The idea is that 10 people in the audience are given a remote control
> unit; and when they decide they would like the speaker to stop, they press a
> button.
> >
> > This causes one of the 10 lights on the control board to come on, and
> when (say) 6 lights are on, the speaker must sit down immediately.
> >
> > So - who could be commissioned to make one of these?  What would be the
> best way of doing it?  Perhpas there's a better way of achieving the same
> end?
> >
> > I look forward to a vigourous discussion!
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