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What does a science writer have to offer the world?

Elizabeth Finkel, Contributing Editor, COSMOS

When:	Tuesday 14 June 2011, 6.30 pm

Where:	The Clare Cafe Bar Bistro (formerly known as The Clare Castle Hotel), 421 Rathdowne St, Carlton

Cost:	Free for AMWA members, $10 for non-members
	(Drinks and meals at pub prices)

RSVP for numbers to L.E. Ohman (leohman1 at bigpond.net.au) or Jacinta Miller (membership at medicalwriters.org)

One morning Elizabeth Finkel woke up to find that overnight she had metamorphosed from a scientist into a writer…
>From time to time in the last twenty years I have wondered—what do I have to offer? I can’t profess to have expert knowledge. What value is there in what I pen? My answer to myself goes like this. A science writer is an impartial observer who sketches the scene for the wider community. What she lacks in personal expertise, she makes up for by presenting a spectrum of “expert” views and embedding science in the social context. And she tries to do all this using the art of storytelling.

Elizabeth Finkel is an award-winning science journalist and co-founder of COSMOS magazine. She writes for Science and COSMOS and occasionally contributes to the ABC's Science Show and Ockham's Razor. 

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