[ASC-list] Playing with particles - Public talk, Sydney, 7 July, 6 PM

Phil Dooley phil.dooley at sydney.edu.au
Tue Jun 28 07:37:07 UTC 2011

FREE PUBLIC TALK  - Playing with Particles
Professor Allan Clark, University of Geneva
Thursday 7 July, Eastern Ave Auditorium. Eastern Ave, The University of
Sydney 6pm - 7.30pm

In a 27 kilometre-long circular tunnel beneath the Franco-Swiss border sits
the world¹s largest and most expensive physics experiment: the Large Hadron
Collider, or LHC. This extraordinary feat of science and engineering aims to
uncover some of the remaining secrets of our Universe, giving us a glimpse
at the earliest moments after the Big Bang, and illuminating the very nature
of the fundamental forces and particles that make up our world.
Professor Clark is Director of the Department of Nuclear and Particle
Physics at the University of Geneva, where he works with the LHC¹s ATLAS
detector group. In this talk he will outline the Standard Model, currently
our best physical theory of matter and forces, before delving into the
unknown to share some of the mysteries that remain in particle physics where
our science breaks down‹ and how colliding particles together at close to
the speed of light inside the Large Hadron Collider may help us find the
This event is free and open to all with no ticket or booking required. Entry
is on a first come, first served basis. www: sydney.edu.au/sydney_ideas

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