[ASC-list] a few interesting links from the Science Online 2011 Conference

Sarah Keenihan sarah at bridge8.com.au
Tue Mar 1 10:44:59 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

I watched an online video presentation this morning from the recent Science
Online 2011 Conference. Entitled *Web 2.0, Public and Private Spaces in the
Scientific Community, and Generational Divides in the Practice of
Science,*it features the following fantastic quote from a senior
scientist apparently
bewildered by the advent of Web 2.0/social media (eg blogs, twitter,
facebook, online forums) in science:

“why is it that your generation feels compelled to do in public what the
rest of us know to do in private?”
*Given that I've had a few discussions with ASC members around the role(s)
of Web 2.0 in science and science communication, I thought a link to this
video might be interesting for some of you.
is. I wrote a
my thoughts stemming from the presentation as well if you want a
version. *

The presentation also mentioned a website called The Third
which I hadn't heard of before. Described by one of its founders as “an
online site where recently published articles from multiple journals to a
given field are aggregated and where open,honest, anonymous discussion of
this literature is fostered", it's another good example of how Web 2.0 might
impact on the way we read, discuss, analyse and use peer-reviewed scientific
literature. Check it out if you're interested.

Best wishes,

Sarah Keenihan, PhD

Science Communications Manager
Bridge 8 Pty Ltd | Futurists | Technologists | Communicators

e  | sarah at bridge8.com.au
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