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Dear ASCers,
We put together a bulletin of physics news and events every month on behalf of Marc Duldig, the AIP president. Here's a taster of what's in this month's bulletin.
You can view the full bulletin online here<http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/bulletins/aip-presidents-blog/physicsinmarch>.
Kind regards,

>From Marc Duldig, President of the Australian Institute of Physics
Welcome to my first bulletin to people around the country with an interest in physics. As the new President of the AIP I introduce myself in more detail below. I look forward to working with you to carry on the good work done by the AIP over the coming couple of years.
We also have an introduction to our new editor for Australian Physics, Peter Robertson. I thank Paulo de Souza for his contribution as editor over the past year.
In events around the country this month we have the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence in NSW, auroras in Tasmania, and a teachers' forum in Queensland. Western Australia celebrates astronomy with Astrofest 2011, and in Melbourne there are many events for physics students and teachers.
I hope that members of the physics community will take some time to make a submission on the state of physics in Australia to the Physics decadal plan. I'm sure many readers of this bulletin have ideas and opinions on physics research, funding, teaching, employment and much more. The working group wants to hear from you.
I have included in this bulletin the recent news from FASTS (the Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies) of which the AIP is a member.
And there is a long list of science prizes currently open for application, including the Prime Minister's science prizes, of which the Malcolm Macintosh Prize is specifically for the Physical Scientist of the year, the Eureka prizes, Fresh Science and the World Metrology Day awards. Note that the 2011 International Union of Pure and Applied Physics Young Scientist Prize in Computational Physics closes very soon - on 11 March.
Note also the many new conferences listed at the end of the bulletin.
Read more about these and other topics below. Then click through to our calendar at http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/events/aip-event-calendar to book events into your diary and to add your own events.
You can also read it and RSS this bulletin on my blog here<http://www.scienceinpublic.com/blog/category/bulletins/aip-presidents-blog> and on LinkedIn.
You are welcome to contact me regarding AIP or other physics matters, just email aip_president at aip.org.au<mailto:aip_president at aip.org.au>.

Niall for Marc Duldig

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