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*apologies if this was sent out twice*

Hi Abigail, Niall (and other communicators following this thread),

Thanks for your comments. I came to the conference website relatively late
as well, and am squeezing in as much as I can to get on top of what was
covered. I'm finding it really fascinating.

Here's some more info in case you were wanting it, and an answer to Niall's

re Science online conferences:
The Science Online 2011 conference was the 5th annual conference in the
American series: the 2012 version will be held Jan 19-21 at NC State
University. Attendees at SCIO2011 included Ed Yong, Alice Bell, Carl Zimmer
and other big names in science communication, online and otherwise. It's an
international event, with onsite and online participants estimated to be
around 500. Feedback and discussions are still ongoing on the Science Online
2011 website <http://scienceonline2011.com/> and on twitter (see #scio11).

The 4th annual London version of the conference (Science Online London 2011)
is scheduled for 2-3 September 2011; follow @soloconf or #solo11 on twitter
to keep up to date. I believe Lisa Bailey (RiAUS) attended Science Online
London in 2008 - she might have info on what it was like to attend in person
if you're keen for more.

I plan to follow the 2011 London conference and 2012 USA conferences online,
join me!

re Inspiring Australia and Social Media:
Kristin Alford (Bridge8) and James Hutson are working with Kathy Granger at
the RiAus to structure a session on social media and science engagement for
the Inspiring Australia conference in March of this year.

Best wishes,

Sarah Keenihan, PhD

Science Communications Manager
Bridge 8 Pty Ltd | Futurists | Technologists | Communicators

e  | sarah at bridge8.com.au
m | 0419 976 834
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