[ASC-list] Ad Hoc Media Monitoring

Sue Keay s.keay at cast.org.au
Fri Mar 4 05:14:30 UTC 2011

I'm forwarding a request from Corinna Lange, please respond directly to c.lange1 at uq.edu.au

A company called Rehame once used to offer an 'ad hoc' media monitoring service. Once you had an account with them you could sign up for media monitoring for a limited time (e.g. for a few weeks immediately after circulating a media release), and you paid for clips that you selected to have. They also offered capacity to do retrospective searching when you became aware of some media coverage that you had not initiated.

Media Monitors offers a service called slicemedia.com with 4 different levels of service, but all are still on a monthly retainer.

I'm wondering whether anyone is aware of a company that offers a media monitoring service along the lines or Rehame, or has any experience with the slicemedia.com service?



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