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Dear all,

We're looking for the best early-career research and researchers for Fresh Science 2011 and, this year, for AMP's Tech on Tap.

Fresh Science serves as a communication boot camp for early-career researchers - getting their stories out to local, national and international media, and teaching them essential communication skills.

This year we will be holding state finals so we can expose more young scientists across the country to the Fresh Science experience. Short-listed entrants will be invited to the State finals which will include a day of media training in their home state. The top candidates will then be flown to Melbourne for the Fresh Science National Final.

We won't hold finals in every state - our final choice will be dictated by nomination numbers, quality of nominations and sponsorship. But entries from every state and territory will be eligible for the National Final.

In essence we're looking for:

*                early-career researchers (from honours students to no more than five years post-PhD)

*                a peer-reviewed discovery which has had no media coverage

*                some ability to present ideas in everyday English.

This year we are also offering an additional opportunity for research students (doing honours, masters, PhD as of June 2010). AMP invites nominations for their Sydney-based 'Tech on Tap' competition - with a $5,000 prize for the winning entry.  They're not worried about media coverage and they also provide a training program.

Nominations for Fresh Science and AMP's Tech on Tap are now open and close 5pm, Wednesday 30 March 2011.
Fresh Science State finals will be held 18 April-6 May with the
national Fresh Science event in Melbourne 6-9 June 2011.
AMP's Tech on Tap will be held on Monday 6 June 2011 in Sydney.

Please circulate this information to anyone who you think would fit the criteria.

Below is further information on how and why to nominate. You can read more at www.freshscience.org.au<http://www.freshscience.org.au>

Now in its 14th year, Fresh Science is supported by the Federal Government, New Scientist and Museum Victoria.

As we grow Fresh Science in 2011, we are also open to new partnership approaches.

Kind regards,


About Fresh Science

Fresh Science is a national event that brings together scientists, the media and the general public to:

*                enhance reporting of Australian science

*                highlight and encourage debate on the role of science in Australian society

*                provide role models for the next generation of Australian scientists.

The National Final for Fresh Science 2011 will be held at Melbourne Museum from 6-9 June. Stories will be released to the media during the event and in the weeks following. The Fresh Scientists need to be available to talk to the media during this time.

Nominations are now open, and will close on Wednesday 30 March 2011.  Please read the following then apply using the online nomination form.

Why nominate for Fresh Science?

Fresh Science offers those selected the potential for substantial media exposure. In previous years our Fresh Scientists have attracted national and international interest resulting in hundreds of media stories in Australia and overseas.

Fresh Science helps young researchers develop expertise in presenting their ideas clearly to a general audience and to the media.

Fresh Science also assists the media to identify and publish accurate stories about Australian science. It demonstrates that science in Australia is exciting, vibrant and successful. Fresh Science encourages and provides recognition for Australia's best young scientists and engineers.

What does it involve?

The state finalists will:

*                participate in a one-day media and communication training course

*                swap ideas with other participants

*                participate in an evening event following the course

*                be encouraged to participate in State-based activities such as Science Week.

National finalists will also:

*                receive advanced/additional media and communication training

*                present their research to a range of audiences in the course of the four day 'boot camp' including a pub event, dinner, school talks

*                issue a media release about their discovery

*                have the opportunity to, and be expected to, participate in talks in their home state in the months following Fresh Science (including Science Week).

Fresh Science will provide accommodation and meet agreed travel expenses.

How to nominate
Read the selection criteria online here<http://freshscience.org.au/?page_id=671>. If you want to apply we recommend you fill out the word version of the form then cut and paste your answers into the online application form.
About AMP's Tech on Tap

Those nominating for Fresh Science who are students also have the option to also nominate for AMP's Tech on Tap, a Sydney-based partner event to Fresh Science.

Technology on Tap is an event which is held as part of AMP's Amplify Festival of Innovation and Thought Leadership. The Festival is a week-long celebration of learning designed to get people thinking, talking, acting and innovating around emerging technologies and trends.

Technology on Tap provides an opportunity for early-career scientists and researchers to win $5,000 by sharing their research and how it benefits society with the Amplify Festival audience.

Why nominate for Tech on Tap

*                Participants have an opportunity to win up to $5,000 towards their research

*                Participants will further their presentation skills via a performance workshop with stand-up comedian and performance coach Barry McLeod

*                Participants gain access to training and can develop a valuable new skill in presenting their ideas/concepts in fun and informative way. They also have possible exposure to showcase their work via Amplify's website and publications.

What does it involve

Participants have exactly two and a half minutes to use the art of storytelling and performance to communicate their research in an entertaining and informative way. Participants can use a variety of mediums (poetry music, comedy etc) and are given access to training with a performance coach to help them prepare and refine their delivery and presentation.

How to nominate

Read the selection criteria online here<http://freshscience.org.au/?page_id=671> then fill out the Fresh Science nomination form including the Tech on Tap section.

Further information

Fresh Science is supported by the Federal Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Museum Victoria, and New Scientist magazine.

For further information about Fresh Science visit www.freshscience.org.au<http://www.freshscience.org.au> or contact Tim Thwaites on (03) 9078 5398 or email tim at freshscience.org<mailto:tim at freshscience.org>.

Tech on Tap is an AMP project, and part of their AMPlify Festival.

For more information about the AMPlify festival or Tech on tap, visit www.amplifyfestival.com.au/tech-on-tap1<http://www.amplifyfestival.com.au/tech-on-tap1> or contact Danielle Miller on (02) 9257 7756 or Danielle_Miller at amp.com.au<mailto:Danielle_Miller at amp.com.au>.

Sarah Brooker

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