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Rob Morrison rob.morrison at flinders.edu.au
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Bobby says:

On the one hand, is just ‘doing our jobs’ as communicators really anything special? If we make a good living from what we do, we’ve already been rewarded; if our programs are designed to have an impact, and they’re successful at that, then we have really just done our job.

While I agree with most of what she then says, sadly the above is not always so. There are many who do a huge amount of science communication on a voluntary basis, and quite often at their own cost. We could all cite examples, but in my state the NSWk Committee and the Board of SciWorld (our version or Questicon) are 2 examples. Others (often the same people) run natural history societies for the young, sit on Councils etc etc - all for no pay at all. Some of that involves mentoring as well, which is very time-consuming. That is why the Unsung hero award is so good, as it tends to pick out those who have gone above and beyond, and I agree that these should be preferred over those who have simply done their paid jobs.

I strongly believe that, if ASC is, as it says, the national professional body for science communiucators, we should recognise those who excel with our own ASC award. Money is nice, but recognition is often even better. Witness the Australasian Science Award, in which that splendid monthly picks off a deserving recipient each year, but the prize doesn't carry a cash component.


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