[ASC-list] Promoting prizes related to communication of science

Renato Schibeci R.Schibeci at murdoch.edu.au
Wed May 4 03:17:09 UTC 2011

Hi Chris

Which Eureka award is for science communication research? My reading of the
website suggests the awards in science communication are for practice, not
research (in contrast to awards for science research)?

Earlier, I asked both the ASC and PCST lists about science communication
research awards, and only one was identified, and that one was in the US.

Perhaps someone at the Australian Museum can clarify?


Renato Schibeci

Yes I was surprised that - in the year following the advent of the Inspiring
Australia initiative - the Eureka science communication award was restricted
to researchers and I agree that a science communication award would be an
appropriate addition to the PM's science awards.

Do we need new sci comm awards recognising different categories (journalism,
photography, performance, blogging, community outreach, regional
initiatives, career initiatives, popular science writing, film, etc)?

Chris KP 

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