[ASC-list] Promoting prizes related to communication of science

Emma Donnelly e.donnelly at curtin.edu.au
Wed May 4 04:11:47 UTC 2011

I agree with Jenni ­ we are all doing a job ­ whether we are a journalist,
photographer, researcher etc.

Why should sci comm miss out? Don¹t all these people get some reward from
working in them? I think having such awardees would ultimately progress the
sci comm profession.

I also agree that such a award/s (hint, hint ­ more than one would be
lovely) would need careful consideration and construction.

Rob is also correct ­ all us ASC state people who run the branches and
events do it on a volunteer basis. Not to mention all the other ad hoc
volunteering we offer to progress the profession we are all passionate

As mentioned by Nancy Longnecker ­ we do have one in WA which sits within a
suite of other science awards (ie top researcher, early career scientists,
science teacher, primary school teacher etc). I used to be the Premier's
Science Award but has changed to the WA Science Awards. It is supported
(paid for and administrated by) the Department of Commerce.

CALL TO ACTION ­ if you are on this list but are not a current ASC Member ­
why don¹t you become one now? You use the service, why not support it by
becoming a member?

It¹ll take you 5 minutes to sign up and as membership is renewed in
September ­ you can join until then for around $36 (instead of the usual
annual fee of $88).

Visit here to sign up:  http://www.asc.asn.au/join/

Maybe if we get enough takers we can look into making this thread a reality!

Wouldn¹t that be nice!


On 4/05/11 11:46 AM, "Jenni Metcalfe" <jenni at econnect.com.au> wrote:

> And if what Bobbi says is true, which it is, (coz let¹s face it we¹re not here
> for the $$$), shouldn¹t the same also apply to scientists, journalists and
> science teachers who are also paid to do their job well!
> I don¹t think just people who do extra voluntary work should be rewarded, but
> rather those that demonstrate excellence in their practice as a science
> communicator...
> But yes, I do agree with Bobbi¹s other points and suggestions and we do need
> to define what Œexcellence¹ is in all the various practices of science
> communication...
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> Bobby says:
> On the one hand, is just Œdoing our jobs¹ as communicators really anything
> special? If we make a good living from what we do, we¹ve already been
> rewarded; if our programs are designed to have an impact, and they¹re
> successful at that, then we have really just done our job.
> While I agree with most of what she then says, sadly the above is not always
> so. There are many who do a huge amount of science communication on a
> voluntary basis, and quite often at their own cost. We could all cite
> examples, but in my state the NSWk Committee and the Board of SciWorld (our
> version or Questicon) are 2 examples. Others (often the same people) run
> natural history societies for the young, sit on Councils etc etc - all for no
> pay at all. Some of that involves mentoring as well, which is very
> time-consuming. That is why the Unsung hero award is so good, as it tends to
> pick out those who have gone above and beyond, and I agree that these should
> be preferred over those who have simply done their paid jobs.
> I strongly believe that, if ASC is, as it says, the national professional body
> for science communiucators, we should recognise those who excel with our own
> ASC award. Money is nice, but recognition is often even better. Witness the
> Australasian Science Award, in which that splendid monthly picks off a
> deserving recipient each year, but the prize doesn't carry a cash component.
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