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>From the look of the release it appears to be consistent with the $21 million that was announced in Labor's science policy in August (http://www.alp.org.au/agenda/more---policies/science-for-australia-s-future/ ), with most of the money allocated to Science Week and the PM's Science Prizes and $2.4 million over 3 years towards coordination ("A new national hub for science and technology communications" - which I'm guessing is the Inspiring Australia team in Canberra). Guess we'll need to wait for the detail but doesn't appear to be anything to get too excited about at this point.


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See Minister's media release for a few more details. The program received the funding that was requested.



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Press reports indicate that the Inspiring Australia Program has been funded in the Federal Budget.

This will allow $21 million to be spent on activities broadly related to science communication, over the next three years.

This is a moderate increase in the Federal Government's expenditure in science communication.

These activities had been funded through the now defunct SCOPE program.  SCOPE was worth something like $4.5 million a year (or $13.5 million over  a three year period).

So that's good news to digest over the morning capuccino ....

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