[ASC-list] Notice of ASC National AGM - Wed 30 Nov, Perth, WA

Sarah Lau SLau at chemcentre.wa.gov.au
Wed Nov 9 03:52:10 UTC 2011

A reminder that the ASC National AGM will be held in Perth, WA on Wed 30
November 2011.


So far we have received one nomination for President - Jesse Shore, who
has been nominated by Rob Morrison and seconded by Sarah Lau. Jesse has
accepted this nomination.


We also have one motion to change the ASC Constitution at the ASC AGM
2011, as outlined below.


A reminder that any proxies should be sent to me at
slau at chemcentre.wa.gov.au before 5.00pm AWST on Wednesday 30 November


Motion to change the ASC Constitution - for ASC AGM 2011


1.            Motion to change the Constitution - Motion made by Jesse
Shore and seconded by Rob Morrison. We propose the constitution is
amended as follows:


[The proposed change to the wording in the revised clause is

[Definition from clause 2.9: "Association" means Australian Science
Communicators Incorporated.]


Section 5.4 of the constitution - 'BRANCHES'

Current wording:


Branches may have their own constitutions, but wherever any discrepancy
exists, the Constitution of the Association shall prevail.


Proposed new wording


Branches may have their own rules or constitutions, but wherever any
discrepancy exists, the Constitution of the Association shall prevail.


Reason for proposed amendment:

This minor change in wording acknowledges that the ASC branches, which
are unincorporated bodies, are more likely to have their own rules than


We want the branches to be aware they have the right to have rules and
to encourage them to adopt rules if they haven't done so already. The
new wording still allows for branches to have constitutions and makes it
clear that whether they have rules or constitutions, the Constitution of
the Association is the overriding document.




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This is the official notice of the Australian Science Communicator
Annual General Meeting, to be held in Perth, Western Australia, on 30
November 2011. The AGM is being hosted by the ASC WA Branch. The AGM
will be followed by an interactive science quiz night hosted by compere
extraordinaire David Ellyard. 


Date: Wednesday 30 November 2011 

Time: 6.00pm-7.15pm (ASC AGM), 7.30pm - 9.30pm (Science Quiz Night)

Venue: Rosie O'Grady's, Cnr James & Milligan St, Northbridge, WA 


ASC members: free (Only currently financial ASC members are eligible to
attend the AGM)

Non-members: $10

Non member students: $5


Registration: http://ascnationalagm2011.eventbrite.com


The ASC AGM will run from 6.00-7:15pm in the Cab Bar and is open to ASC
voting members only. The quiz night for all registered participants will
begin at 7:30pm sharp in the Cab Bar. 


Seats are limited so registration is essential.  The seating is 6 people
per table. To confirm the members of your table, please email
asc.events.wa at gmail.com. 


The AGM is an opportunity for members to hear about the year's events at
the national level, and also to have their say about what should happen
in the year to come. It also includes reports from the President and
Treasurer, and news of the upcoming national conference. Members also
have the chance to elect a new National President. Proposed agenda
items, notices of motion and presidential nominations must be received
by Wednesday 23 November. 


Note that notices of motion require a proposer and a seconder, and
nominations for President need to be agreed by the nominee. 


Members unable to attend the AGM in person are able to give proxies to
other members attending the meeting, or alternatively, send them to
Sarah Lau, National Secretary (slau at chemcentre.wa.gov.au) before 5.00pm
AWST on Wednesday 30 November 2011.


AGENDA (as of 1 November 2011)

1. Confirmation of members attending, apologies 

2. Notification of proxies 

3. Minutes of 2010 AGM 

4. President's report 

5. Treasurer's report 

a) presentation of statement of accounts

b) determination of annual membership fee 

c) determination of capitation to be returned to branches

d) determination of honoraria 

e) appointment of auditor 

f)  appointment of public officer 

g) preview of 2011 budget 

6. Election of 2012 ASC President

7. Motions to amend the Constitution 

8. Any other business 


Minutes from the previous AGM (2010) are attached as a PDF.


Sarah Lau [slau at chemcentre.wa.gov.au]

Media and Communications Coordinator


Post: PO Box 1250, Bentley Delivery Centre WA 6983

Location: Cnr Manning Road and South Entrance of Curtin University,

T +61 8 9422 9823

F +61 8 9422 9801

M +61 414 507 739



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