[ASC-list] liquid learning sci-com officers forum - WDYT?

Nancy Longnecker nancy.longnecker at uwa.edu.au
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Hello Lisa,

Thank you for raising this issue. I have similar misgivings about this extremely expensive forum, although mine are based on gut feeling more than first-hand knowledge. I was wondering why on earth I would spend that kind of money to listen to people, many of whom I (net)work with regularly.

I agree that ASC is much better value and we ought to continue to point this out to prospective members. 

Kind regards, Nancy

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Hi all

I’d be interested to get people’s feedback for those that have been involved in this years or last year’s Science Communication Officers Forum run by Liquid Learning.

I was invited to present at this year’s conference in Sydney (last week), and I hope my case study was useful for the participants but I must say I was a bit let down by the conference.  It seems to be run by a for-profit conference organising company who know nothing about science communication (hence them trying to organise it during National Science Week in the first instance!)  It is incredibly expensive (over $2000 I think the full cost was, for what turned out to be 1.5 days of conference) and I feel bad for the people who paid good money to attend.  This is nothing against the presenters who were all very good and had excellent contributions to make, but I just left the whole thing feeling a bit let down.

What is anyone else’s experience?  The reason that I’m posting this to ASC is that ASC has supported promoting the conference which I wonder whether is in the best interest of our members?  I think the national ASC conference is a much better value for money proposition!


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