[ASC-list] Is there anything new in Australian science communication events?

Jesse Shore jesse at prismaticsciences.com
Wed Oct 5 06:18:14 UTC 2011

In August I asked members to send our Scope editors news of 'something new,
different and effective (or a courageous failure) out there in science
communication festival land.' 


Sally and Silvia didn't mention that they received any feedback. People
might have been too busy to write up a snippet about something new and I
previously said I would resend my request after science week.


But is it possible that nothing is new in science communication events under
the Australian sun this year? As I think we are an imaginative, but time
poor lot, how about people reply to this email with a URL or other link to
anything they think is worthy of being considered innovative. It is
particularly timely as we look for appropriate session topics for the
February conference. Of course writing a short blurb to accompany a link is
more than welcome. 


For those interested my previous August message follows:

'Innovation' has been a buzz word for a number of years. Despite occasional
overuse of the term, innovation is still a vital part of adding value to our
work and increasing our effectiveness.


With National Science Week upon us I'd like to hear from ASC members about
the innovative science communication events they have produced or have seen
during this packed period of sci-comm activities. Even an insightful
evaluation, critique or assessment of an event may prove useful.


Please send our Scope editors, Sally Miles and Silvia Piviali, (
editor.scope.asc at gmail.com ) a short article or blog or report or whatever
about something new, different and effective (or a courageous failure) out
there in science communication festival land. 


The next Scope is coming out 25 August so please start sending them
snippets. The best articles will form the core of a resource of good ideas
to stimulate more innovation for next year or for events throughout the
year. ASC can also use this resource to input into the Inspiring Australia
initiative, which now funds National Science Week.


I realise many ASC members are currently busy during this National Science
Week period and some of you may even be too frantic to read this email. So
I'll send this out again later to catch the eyes of those too busy this time


I look forward to Sally and Silvia telling me about the bundle of innovative
ideas you've sent them". 




Jesse Shore

President, Australian Science Communicators, 2011



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