[ASC-list] Physics in May ― Making a star on Earth; touring ANSTO; Royal Society welcomes Brian Schmidt; and more.

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Sun Apr 29 23:23:14 UTC 2012

Dear ASC¡¯ers,

We put together a bulletin of physics news and events every month on behalf of Marc Duldig, the AIP President. Here¡¯s a taster of what¡¯s in this month¡¯s bulletin.

You can view the full bulletin online here<http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au/bulletins/aip-presidents-blog/physics-in-may-2012>.

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It¡¯s a bumper month for nuclear physics: in Sydney, ANSTO is opening its doors for a tour of its particle accelerators and a talk by Vincent Smith from CERN. There¡¯s also a public lecture in Tasmania next Monday by ANU physicist Matthew Hole¡ªhe¡¯ll be talking about 40 years of developments and achievements in fusion power technology.

Speaking of achievements, it¡¯s my great pleasure to congratulate Nobel Laureate and honorary AIP fellow Brian Schmidt on another feather in his cap¡ªhe has been elected, along with two other Australians, to the Royal Society of London.

Freeze-dried food, advanced water purification and improved tyres are all spin-offs of technologies developed by NASA¡ªand last weekend, Australian engineers and programmers competed in the Space Apps Challenge¡ªa competition to use NASA data and technology to solve global challenges.  Read below about the Australian projects made that made the NASA shortlist.

In astronomy news, the world is still waiting to find out where the $2 billion Square Kilometre Array will be built, in Australia or Africa¡ªor now possibly both.

As always, in this bulletin there is a book for review, new conferences and seminars across the country.

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