[ASC-list] [Vic] Fundraising lunch with Chief Scientist - Thursday 30 August 2012, 12 noon

Maia Sauren maia.sauren at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 05:16:52 UTC 2012

(sharing this on behalf of Helen Gardiner, Chair National Science Week


The Royal Society of Victoria has been dedicated to promoting science for
the benefit of the community for the last 158 years. Never before have we
been so concerned about the need to encourage children to become

The Chief Scientist of Australia, Professor Ian Chubb AC issued his report
on the “Health of Australian Science” in May. He made it very clear that
“the future prosperity of Australia is dependent on having a strong supply
of graduates in the right areas coming through the education system”.
Provision of crucial scientific graduates needs support.

In response, the Royal Society of Victoria has decided to establish a three
year program, called “Science and my world” that is directed towards
primary school age children.

We have invited Professor Chubb to launch the program at a lunch event to
be held in Melbourne at “Morgan’s at 401 Collins St” on Thursday 30th
August 2012 (12noon for 12.30pm until 2pm).

We cordially invite you to attend and to support our efforts to create an
interactive programme to:-


     Increase early childhood awareness of science, through the “Science
   and my world” programme, including local community science activities and
   hands-on experiences for young school students;

     Engage these students in imaginative, educational activities that
   demonstrate the practical value of the modern- day science that is all
   around them;

     Stimulate interest in scientific ways of thinking and research. You
   can assist us to:

        Support school based science events in Victorian communities

        Develop on-line science materials to ignite the enthusiasm of
      children based on science relevant to their community through
the “Science
      and my world” programme, including:

       “Physical forces and my world”; eg, gravity, nuclear
      forces,electromagnetic forces  “Science and my home ”; eg cooking,
      household appliances, electricity, wifi
       “Biodiversity and my world. eg soil organisms, fungi, marine

        Develop on-line science materials for primary teachers to use to
      followup the community science events
      We invite you to support this urgent education project so that we
      make sure Australia has the expertise we need to

      ensure our prosperity as a nation.

Maia Sauren, PhD
PO Box 12304, Melbourne VIC 8006, Australia
maia.sauren at gmail.com | +61408824846 | @sauramaia
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