[ASC-list] WA event - What's it really like to work as a forensic scientist?

Sarah Lau SLau at chemcentre.wa.gov.au
Thu Aug 2 09:51:08 UTC 2012

ChemCentre and Scitech are running a National Science Week event on
Monday 13 August, entitled 'What's it really like to work as a forensic
scientist?', featuring speakers from WA Police, ChemCentre and PathWest.


The event is open to the general public and would be very valuable for
any high school students considering a career in forensic science. This
event was booked out last year, so we advise getting in soon!


For more information, please visit:

To book, please go to: http://forensicsciencewa.eventbrite.com.au/


We look forward to seeing you there!



Sarah Lau [slau at chemcentre.wa.gov.au]

Media and Communications Coordinator


www.chemcentre.wa.gov.au <http://www.chemcentre.wa.gov.au> 


What's it really like to work as a forensic scientist?


Forensic science has captured people's imaginations over the years -
from hunting for clues with Sherlock Holmes through to catching the
baddies in CSI. But what is it really like to work as a forensic


Join our scientists to discover what it takes to be a forensic expert
and whether television tells the whole story!


ChemCentre, PathWest and WA Police are the three WA forensic science
agencies. Together, their forensic scientists and officers work to solve
problems and identify information to assist in fighting crime and
protecting our community. 


Our speakers will share their stories of working in the laboratory and
in the field. Discover the challenges and rewards of their jobs, the
types of cases they work on, and whether the glamour of forensic science
in pop culture matches the real thing.


You'll also have a chance to ask your own burning questions and test
your brain with a puzzling scenario for the audience to solve.


This lecture is open to the general public but is aimed at a 13+
audience. Parents are asked to use their discretion before booking for
younger children.

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