[ASC-list] Loud music or job? How's your hearing?

Niall Byrne niall at scienceinpublic.com.au
Fri Aug 24 09:09:38 UTC 2012

Dear ASCers,

The 2012 National Science Week project is a massive online survey of noise and hearing - to see how our work and social activities, including ''overdosing' on loud music at concerts or through headphones, are affecting our hearing. And it's still open - to 12 September

We'd like people of all ages, professions and lifestyles, to participate in the online survey - and one lucky participant will win $1000 worth of concert tickets - to concerts of their choice! So I'd appreciate you spreading the word.

Sound Check Australia! is the national noise and hearing survey.
All Australians can be citizen scientists by doing the national noise and hearing survey now:
It's on until September 12, 2012.
Go to www.soundcheckaustralia.net.au<http://www.soundcheckaustralia.net.au>,
register and do the test.

[cid:image003.jpg at 01CD822B.FA59B4C0]<http://www.soundcheckaustralia.net.au/>

People who take part in the online survey will be able to test their hearing, work out whether they are 'overdosing' on noise, and find out what part of their social lives could be putting them at risk. The aim of the survey is to raise awareness about healthy hearing habits, not to discourage people from participating in music activities. But it may be that after a loud concert, it's best to turn down the headphones for a while.

Sound Check Australia is a genuine non-profit research project that started in this year's National Science Week, and is supported by the Australian Government and National Acoustic Laboratories. You may have seen the national TV campaign with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki inviting everyone to the test - it's been on ABC and other stations through August.

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