[ASC-list] A sad day for science reporting in Australia

Robyn Stutchbury robynjstutchbury at mac.com
Tue Aug 28 07:06:02 UTC 2012

Why doesn't The Australian just call itself The American and be done with?

Robyn Stutchbury
Rjstutch at me.com

On 28/08/2012, at 4:19 PM, Regan Forrest <regan at reganforrest.com> wrote:

> On 2012-08-28 16:43, Toss Gascoigne wrote:
>> So - no place at Australia's only national general newspaper for a
>> science writer?
>> It's like the _Republican War on Science_ has spread to Australia,
>> where conservatives either ignore science or rely on bad science to
>> justify their stance.
>> Says heaps about the Oz as a paper .... you're better off out of it,
>> Leigh.
> Whereas I'm not one to defend the editorial line of the Australian, it may be hasty to view this development through a political lens rather than an economic one. The newspaper business model is in its death throes and journalists of all types are losing their jobs.
> Wishing Leigh speedy passage to greener pastures!
> Regan
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