[ASC-list] A sad day for science reporting in Australia

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WTF. 125,000 Australians will have a bit less science in their day.  It's
the other 22 million we should be concerned about.


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So - no place at Australia's only national general newspaper for a science


It's like the Republican War on Science has spread to Australia, where
conservatives either ignore science or rely on bad science to justify their


Says heaps about the Oz as a paper .... you're better off out of it, Leigh.




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On 28/08/2012, at 2:29 PM, Niall Byrne wrote:

Leigh Dayton, The Australian's science reporter has been shown the door.


Crikey reports.

Science writer to leave The Oz. The Australian's in-house science scribe
Leigh Dayton says she will leave the paper. A call to her office voicemail
this morning revealed that the award-winning writer, who has served for a
decade on the broadsheet, will officially cease duties next Friday after her
role was made redundant. Crikey understands Oz management are currently
looking for equivalent positions for Dayton -- as they are required to do --
but may not find one.

I spoke with Leigh and she confirms that she was left the building


The key thing is that the position was made redundant. The Australia
apparently doesn't see the need for a science reporter.


Something to discuss at the Eurekas tonight. I won't be there, client gig in
Melbourne tonight.





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