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Guy Nolch, Australasian Science science at control.com.au
Thu Dec 20 02:59:17 UTC 2012

HI ASC members

If you're stuck for a Christmas gift, or want to treat yourself while you rest your feet after all that Christmas shopping (and eating), Australasian Science has a special subscription offer for ASC members.

Subscribe at australasianscience.com.au by 31 December and not only will you receive an annual print and online subscription to the magazine (published 10 times per year) but you'll also receive a print subscription to our sister magazine ISSUES (issuesmagazine.com.au). That's two magazine subscriptions for $76 - and you'll be supporting one of Australia's longest-running science communication activities.

If you haven't already seen it, each quarterly edition of ISSUES explores a particular scientific topic, providing extensive background information and opinions drawn from a variety of perspectives. It's available by subscription only.

To take up the offer, follow the subscription links at australasianscience.com.au, click on "Australian Science Communicators offer" and enter the product password ASC2013.

Finally I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the many science communicators who have assisted with the publication of Australasian Science through their contributions and assistance in badgering scientists for stories and interviews. I hope to see many more of you pitching story ideas in 2013 - I'm always on the lookout for contributors!

Merry Christmas

Guy Nolch
Editor, Australasian Science
2012 ASC Unsung Hero of Australian Science Communication

January 2013 edition of Australasian Science
The January 2013 edition of Australasian Science will be released on 31 December 2012. Here's a sneak preview:


Final Resting Place of an Outlaw
Archaeological and forensic detective work led to the remains of Ned Kelly, one of Australia’s most celebrated, reviled and polarising historical figures.

The conviction of Italian scientists at the centre of the tragic L’Aquila earthquake was a case of poor communication of the risks by the scientists involved, and not an attack on the sanctity of science.

A Party Worth Remembering
Euphoric and highly addictive, a popular party drug also causes long-term memory loss.

From Suntans to Cyborgs
Melanin protects us from the Sun’s radiation, but as it also conducts electricity it could be used in bioelectronic devices and prostheses.

Stimulating Approaches to Depression
New forms of brain stimulation are offering hope to a substantial group of depressed patients who don’t get better with standard medical and psychological treatments.

Normal Syndrome
What was once considered normal is becoming medicalised due to broader diagnostic criteria and the concoction of new disorders, but Julian Savulescu argues that this is merely biological enhancement by another name.

Coal Seam Gas Expansion Ignores Serious Issues
Coal seam gas extraction is expected to expand despite a cautionary report into the risks.

Debugging Trade
As our neighbours seek to sell us more fresh produce, biosecurity is becoming a busier battleground for science and politics.

The New Eugenics
In the last century eugenics involved sterilisation or murder. This century it is more likely to involve genetic enhancement.

Are Two Fences Better Than One?
Conservation fences allow threatened animals to breed, but when the population grows too much, managers must decide between extending the existing fence or building a new enclosure.

Frisky Echidnas
Andrea Wallage is discovering what makes an echidna frisky in preparation for efforts to save the endangered long-beaked species.

Take a Summer Time Trip
Backwards time travel, parallel universes and temporal paradoxes – take a ride with the best time travel movies.

Cap, Gown and Wand
Are there any good arguments for teaching complementary medicines in tertiary institutions?

What Science Isn’t
Scientific credibility requires more than a white coat, a laboratory and machines that go “ping”. 

Office Closure Over Christmas
Note that our office will be closed from 24 December until 11 January inclusive, but subscription orders will continue to be processed and despatched during this time.
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